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To me, the art you choose for your home is like the earrings that complete a woman's outfit. It's that final touch, that hint of personality, that glimmer of style that pulls everything together. Just like how a perfectly chosen pair of earrings can make a fashion statement, the right piece of art can absolutely transform a space. It can be the conversation piece, the soothing element, or the bold statement that your interior needs.

But choose the wrong piece? Just as the wrong earrings can throw off an entire look, art that doesn't align with your space can create discord and imbalance. It's all about harmony - the ebb and flow of styles, colors, and textures, with your art serving as the focal point.

So, just don't rush to pick your art. Think of it as an accessory for your home, an extension of your style, and most importantly, an expression of your unique self. Because at the end of the day, the art you choose can either make or break your interior. It's not just about aesthetics, it's about creating a space that feels authentically you.

Wondering how a particular art piece will look on your wall? 
Check-out my custom wall art design service.

Custom wall art design

I offer 5 free digital custom mock-ups with my art work on your walls of choice.

Follow the 3 steps below.

  • Paste an A4 paper on your wall

    To make sure I get the mockup just right, I need a reference point. An A4 paper or any other thing on your wall would work. If it's another object, just let me know its size.

  • Take a picture of your wall

    Just step back a bit so you can get a lot of the room and wall in your shot. Ideally, take the photo in landscape, and make sure the room's got good light.

  • Email me the details

    Make sure you email me the following:
    1. The photos taken
    2. The name and size of the art works you would like to see in your mock-ups
    3. The size(s) of the objects on your wall

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I'm here to help

Take your time to pick your art. Let me help you guide you in choosing the perfect art piece for your home or other special place to make it even more special.

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