About the artist

justa van heertum painting as a child

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always the creative one. I drew, painted and photographed. At school I excelled in handcrafts- I could completely lose myself in an art project. School projects often went home with me where I finished the project to perfection.  Then I would go on until the wee hours, and I couldn't sleep from all the inspiration. I can still hear my parents saying: “leave it, tomorrow is another day”. That is still the case today only then my partner tells me: “Don’t stay up too late”.

justa examen handvaardigheid

(Thesis art and crafts, assignment ' furniture')

When I have photographed and am editing until late at night, I cannot sleep. My brain goes on and on and wants to create more and more. In that respect I am really a visual thinker: often think in pictures and see the intended result far in advance.

My style

My art is inspired by the many sides of a woman and her desires. With my work I celebrate the feminine beauty, body and mind. 

I’m inspired by great masters in photography such as fashion photographer Lindsay Adler and portrait photographer Jimmy Nelson. Also my great fasination for film helps me to translate my imagination to an image.

My love for materials and color tones defines my style. As well as working in series and my black and white editing. 

I define my work as classy bold and mysterious raw. I use all kinds of black tones, and different use of fabrics on my models to achieve the richness in grey tones in my artwork. 

"I’m Justa van Heertum, I don't take a picture, I create one"

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justa van heertum

Justa's 1st collection

Introducing my first art collection to you – Free Spirits. A collection very close to my hearth.

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